Costa Rica – Ecological Engineering in the Tropics

MSU / UCR – December 15-29, 2012

Day 0 and 1 – Getting there and meeting our Costa Rican peers

With only 2 weeks in Costa Rica we’re not wasting any time! Anh, Katie, Robbie, Ben, Alex, and Luke didn’t have any finals on Friday and were able to spend time on Saturday with faculty and students from the UCR Biosystems Engineering department.  Soccer was enjoyed by all!

Meanwhile, the rest of us arrived at San Jose International airport at around 2pm. After a quick stop at the hotel to drop off our luggage, we joined everyone at Fabio Agricultural Station in Alajuela, Costa Rica. We then listened to presentations by UCR students on their course projects, including housing for dairy cows, stream surveys, canal irrigation, macadamia and coffee briquettes for bioenergy, design of a banana processing plant, design of a verde (green) milk processing facility, and modeling of flood control systems.


An UCR student translates a presentation on flood control to Ben

Next, U.S. students presented on their senior design projects: Katie on wetlands for grey water, Luke on micro – bubble facilitated electrocoagulation to reclaim wastewater from anaerobic digestion, Kelsey on commercial optimization of mung bean production, and Ben on migating air emissions from poultry houses with wet scrubbers and algae.


MSU and UCR students and faculty


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